How to choose a rug

We know it can be intimidating adding bright colours or patterns into a space. Sometimes it’s easier to default to neutrals because you’re scared about getting it wrong (we’ve been guilty of this too). But we also know that colour, pattern and texture can make things more interesting, they can bring character and warmth, and most importantly make a space uniquely your own. So, we’re here to help.


We find it’s best to start with one item that you love to form the basis of the room. For us, that’s usually a rug (no surprise!) as they can anchor a space, but it can be anything. Pull out the colours or style of this one piece in a subtle way to influence the rest of the design. Starting with a rug, we take the accent colours in the pattern, and pick them up through the furniture, soft furnishings or the wall colour – the colours don’t need to be exact, this will give a feeling of depth and harmony, without being too matchy.


Traditional, handwoven rugs can work in almost any space, classic or more modern. They are testament to good, lasting design. Pair your rug with more contemporary furniture, either using a more subtle faded design on the floor – or by choosing neutral furniture to balance it out.


“I think there are three really excellent pieces of design in the history of the world, whose aesthetic is effective anywhere. The first is Chinese and Japanese blue-and-white china; the second is Japanese woodblock prints. And the third is Persian and Caucasian rugs. Fundamentally, their motifs are brilliant. Enduringly brilliant. That’s not the kind of brilliance that comes and goes. They’re just an instance of someone getting it right.” Nick Shrimpton, father of Yarn.



People often end up choosing a rug that’s too small. For a living room, you want a rug to sit under your furniture, at least under the front legs of your sofa or chair. In a bedroom or dining room, use a rug as a frame for your furniture – with plenty of rug around the sides. 


Our rugs are all vintage or antique pieces and therefore come in a variety of sizes, but as a general rule:

200 x 300cm

Will work under a bed or a large living space.

170 x 240cm

Or close to, will fit a medium-sized living room or under a desk. We also have small rugs that work in hallways, bathrooms and high-use areas that need a bit of love.