At Yarn, we want to ditch the make, use, dispose model that has become so common in decorating our homes. We believe in the circular economy, sourcing unique, handwoven vintage and antique rugs to make it easy for you to shop for high-quality second hand pieces for your home.

Our rugs were built to last, handwoven and knotted rugs using good quality wool or silk can last for centuries. They come from all over the world - some are quite new and some are decades old - but each one has been hand-picked by our small team because we think it will look great in a modern room.

All of our rugs are cleaned and spruced up before they’re delivered to you. Buying a vintage rug means getting the craftsmanship and care of centuries of rug making expertise, as with all hand-made things, it allows for a bit of variation and unpredictability. These rugs aren’t perfect but they each have their own story.

Care & Cleaning

  • Cleaning – vacuum your rug regularly, just as you would the rest of your room, as dust can settle deep in the pile. If your rug is thin or worn, go gently. It’s a good idea to give it a professional clean every 5-10 years. A soak in some soapy water and drying outside works well too.
  • Spillages – vintage rugs are generally very robust, showing stains far less than single colour modern carpets.  The best thing to do is soak up the spillage and clean the area with soapy water. Avoid strong chemicals or cleaning products as this can affect the dyes.
  • Set moth traps and spray from time to time if you know you have a clothes moth problem.
  • Underlay – putting a layer between your rug and the floor reduces slippage and can reduce wear in high use areas. Just add underlay to your order.